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Monday, 15 April 2013

Why You Can't Stop Staring At Her Nails.

Favour Ajayi

.....And you said to her, "OMG! Your nails are gorgeous" of course they are because she knows the right shade of nail polish for her skin tone. Do you know your undertone or the right nail polish shade that complements your complexion? Are you one of those stylish ladies that walks into a shopping mall or steps on the red carpet and drops jaws or gets everyone talking about your nails and  choice of nail polish color?   If not, then trust me,you have got a lot of work to do!

Firstly, a lot has to be considered before opting for a nail polish shade. The season, trends, mood, personality with the skin tone topping it all. You might find that one shade of blue looks great on you yet another is terrible or you might notice that a vibrant pink looks great on someone who appears to have the same complexion as you, but  on you, the same color looks drab and tacky. This is because the type of pink you can wear depends on your skin tone and undertone. It can also be determined by whether the polish itself has a yellow or blue base.

More often, nail color is matched to clothing. Some say that lipstick shades that looks great on your lips will also be the right color for your fingernails. That method however works for colors like neon green, yellow and blue  because the colors you wear and look good in have a lot to do with your skin tone. So it makes sense that another way to tell which nail color is right for you is by discovering what colors complements and accentuates your complexion. Nail polish colors trend changes each season, but you must also have it at the back of your mind that just because a shade is on trend doesn't mean it suits everyone. It is of great importance to every lady to identify your skin type so as to have a very good idea on how to choose the right shade of outfits, make-ups and nail polish that best suits your natural beauty.

So how do you know what undertone your skin has? Firstly, stand in natural light either outside or by a window and look at your arm. Skin with pink, blue or red undertone is considered cool. Skin with golden, beige or olive is considered warm, if you still can't tell, look at your wrist, if your veins look blue, you have a cool undertone. You might also be neutral which means you're lucky because you can actually wear most colors confidently.

Now that you know your undertone, you should have a fairly  good idea of what nail polish shade to opt for.

Ladies with light or fair skin tone appear to be the luckiest since they tend to have variety of shades to choose from. But they are best advised to stick to nail colors that have a blue base because they really accentuates light complexion without overpowering or making it appear pasty. Cool and warm fair skin tones can wear red, but cool undertones would look better in blue based red, warm (peachy or golden) tones look better in red polish with yellow/orange undertones. However, some specific nail polish colors are more preferable for fairer skin tones i.e red, light/medium pink, pastel, plum. Yellow-based bright red or orange red nail polishes overpower a very fair complexion and make it look overly pale.

Dark complexion sweethearts can wear rich, deep shades. Except dark brown, which will disappear. What looks beautiful are burgundy, vibrant purple, plum, bright orange and pink zaps the color out of rich dark tones. They can also opt for maroon, red, dark green and chocolate brown shades that isn't too dark . Neon yellow and dark orange can be shocking (in a negative way) though darker shades are better. Very dark skin tones need to be careful with deep purple, gray, black, silver and white, because these shades could make the skin appear dull and muddy. The dark shade ladies should generally avoid too bright shade of nail polish.

Olive /medium skin tone has a combination of yellow undertones and greenish hue and this is one of the skin tones that enjoys wide range of colors. You may want to go for colors like dark burgundy and wine. You would also look good in vibrant colors like bright shades of pink, blue, yellow , orange, silver and metallic (like black, navy blue, dark pink and burgundy).  Also peach or gold colors enhance olive complexion, orange red and blue based red should be avoided. Olive-dark tones looks great in earthy tones and chocolate brown with red undertones. Medium skin tones should look for nail polishes that are inclined towards the metallic.

Tanned skin looks better in warm colors  Lighter shades can also accentuate tanned skin tones, nail polish colors like warm pale shade of brown, purple, pink and light blue. Its also advisable to avoid gold as this would only just blend with your skin color  Tanned skin is complimented by shades with a yellow undertone. If you follow this principle, you won't go wrong.

This type of skin tone are interestingly considered a cool skin type. Blue undertone or lighter shades with pink have been researched to be best. Pastel colors also looks great. Choose pink or blue based red to brighten the complexion. If you are pale with a warm tone, you can also try coral red. If you are very light in complexion, you may want to avoid extremely dark or over powering shades because it will make you look too pale. If you do wear a dark color like black, you will probably want to trim your nails to a shorter length.

Another way to make a  decision on a nail polish color and how it will look on you is by testing it on a fingernail as you can't be sure from the color in the bottle. This is because achieving the color can be based on how many coats of lacquer are applied. You could also love a color on your toe nail but be totally unimpressed when its applied to your fingernails.

So ladies, your outfit should be right, your make-up should be really good and  your nails must always be perfect and eye catchy. Be that beauty that flaunts her nails in public and not the opposite.  Don't make "HIM" regret popping that question. When you say 'yes' and he wears that ring, always keep your nails adorable by CHOOSING THE RIGHT SHADE OF NAIL POLISH FOR YOUR SKIN TONE. Now you are one step ahead.


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