Friday, 29 March 2013

Is Peplum A Trend To Stay Or Go?

For Her With Coleen Aice @ffashion_tips

PEPLUM also known as the waist-clinching ruffle trend is a smart little tailoring detail of a short overskirt or ruffle attached at the waist line of a jacket, blouse, skirt or dress. There is something so ladylike and unique about it as its details enhances a dress' sophistication with a fun and feminine twist.

Can peplum be considered as an unbeatable wardrobe must-have? In my opinion, YES. The beauty of it is that it can be worn to anywhere! Movies, office, social events! Name it! Its perfect for any outing or formal event where you want to look extra special and super stylish. Peplums are fun, jolly and most certainly not a look that only string beans can wear.  Beyonce looks brilliant in peplum, so does Liv Tyler and Taylor Swift. This is because wearing a peplum design won't make you look thin but instead helps accentuate your waist-to-hip curves at the same time creating flattering body beauty for most curves.

Fashion in Paris is all about finding a look that suits you and sticking with it for decades, its a fair guess to say the peplum was never going to get much of a look-in beyond a cameo appearance on American and Italian fashion editors attending the fashion week, but contrarily  it has been accepted as a global trend to be worn by all.

Having acknowledged the acceptance of this super fun and sophisticated design, it is important to find the right design, perfect size and length when shopping for a peplum. We all know that popular fashion saying " Don't opt or slip into a dress/outfit because you think it looks good on your friend but because it suits and complements your whole body". Its a fact and this rule also applies to a peplum design. Note that the kindest point for your skirt to end is at the knee or just below the point where your leg narrows. It is also advisable that peplum clings right to your body as this helps give the hourglass vibe and look. (I know you're pondering on it; Yes the Peplum is flirty).

Another great idea is to wear your peplum blouse with trousers. This is more flattering on short legs, showing off your feminine silhouette at the same time looking gorgeous. You can also accessories with jewelries or a classy clutch but be sure they complement your outfit. The choice of this exciting trend depends on how much you love your figure and want to get it flattered.

On the catwalk, popular ways for a peplum to be styled was with an above-the-knee skirts, trousers, shorts, cropped pants, tight pencil skirts and so on. However, wearing a peplum top with a tight jean is very popular among stars, these tops when paired with stylish bottoms creates illusion of stunning and flawless curves. You can also create your own look and style by teaming peplum effect to a way that best suits your taste.

Its not surprising that in recent times, many celebrities are seen with their own super stylish and elegant peplum designs both on the red carpet and in everyday street style from Kim Kardashian to Tiwa Savage, Kristin Cavallan , Gwen Stefani, Fergie, Blake Lively, Victoria Beckham, Genevieve Nnaji and so on. These fashion lovers are making their impact among crowds and giving us reasons why we shouldn't stop loving them.

The waist clinching ruffle is a trend and design for all and its definitely unwise to hold back from its beauty and elegance as it has an awesome way of adding an edgy, ultra feminine and flirty beauty to your look.

Available in all kinds of print and fabrics, peplum is a key trend on the high street and great for those who want to add a perfect ladylike flair to their ensembles.This must try, so don't be afraid to try it if you haven't.
This trend that seemed destined for a limited release became a long-running at topshop blockbuster. Peplums are the new normal and that's brave and different!

So ladies, in your opinion, is peplum a trend to stay or go?

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Kim Kardashian or Zoe Saldana? Who Wore It Best?

By: Favour Ajayi
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Kim Kardashian might refusing to wear maternity clothes, even as her pregnancy develops.

But the reality TV star, 32, has been wearing designer dresses that haven't been created with the pregnant body in mind. She certainly seemed to be keen to show her blooming figure off in all its glory as she went from the Good Morning America studios to Live! With Kelly and Michael in New York last Tuesday in this Lanvin number but this picture of Zoe Saldana proves how it's supposed to look.

In my opinion, I actually love Kim in the dress. What do you think? Kim or Zoe

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New Music Video: I Wish - Waje

By: Favour Ajayi
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Some say she's got the true African soul, some say she's the best female vocalist in Nigeria, and to some she's a role model. Still in all of these, some still don't like her (which of course is normal). But after pouring her heart out singing to the lyrics of I Wish, one must be really heartless not to love her, her music or the video.

Whatever she might mean to you, (knowing of course that she's Dope!) enjoy the official Video for I Wish by Clarence Peters.

Great Job Guys!

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

How can I Ask For Foreplay?

Rowan Pelling 

My partner never gives me oral sex, despite him asking me to perform it on him several times a month. This wasn't always the case and I do feel these things should be reciprocal. What can I do to encourage him?

Darn right these things should be reciprocal!

Few things are more galling than a lover who expects their other half to do all the giving. It’s bad-mannered of your partner to expect you to pleasure him in bed without returning the same courtesy.
The key thing here is the fact your sex life wasn't always like this. This would suggest your husband hasn't got an aversion, per se, to this most intimate form of sexual contact (some men do).

Inexperienced or reticent souls can be turned off by eye-level connection with erogenous zones, which is fine if their partner is on the same page. In your case, however, an inequality exists.

This form of foreplay generally requires a certain amount of effort, which will not prove a problem if your man happens to be one of those Romeos whose greatest thrill comes from bestowing pleasure. Many men love the practice because it’s often the most  reliable and effective way to please their partner.

You certainly need to open a dialogue with your husband to remind him that courtesy and kindness are top qualities in the bedroom — and even more so when you've been together a number of years.

I wonder if there’s something he’s not telling you? Sometimes there’s a simple explanation for avoiding more demanding  sexual activity, such as ‘my back hurts’. Or perhaps he’s always lacked confidence with this activity. If you take a long time to reach a climax, he may wrongly feel he’s inept.

It’s possible that your partner doesn't realize how much consideration and effort you put into pleasing him.
Of course, you should never make sex with your partner seem like a chore. However, it is acceptable to explain that you are working for your spouse’s delight and would appreciate him being as painstaking in pursuit of your happiness.

Remember that this is a reasonably common — and eminently solvable — problem that crops up in many long-term relationships with partners of either gender. Some women demand copious foreplay, but are reluctant to bestow oral pleasure upon their partners.
It seem to me that there is always one last resort in these cases. If your partner does not respond to gentle reasoning, you are well within your rights to go on strike yourself. He should swiftly see your point.

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Monday, 25 March 2013

New Music Video: Everything I Do - Emma Nyra Ft. Iyanya

Beautiful video directed by Mr Moe Musa.

Great work from Emma and Iyanya. 


I Want What She's Wearing! Get Kate Moss's Style

By: Favour Ajayi
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Think the stars all have amazing figures? Well sometimes its down to the dress they're wearing. There's something about the optical illusion dress that makes it the perfect piece to make you look thin, emphasizing your your curves and enhancing your figure. The dress makes your waist look tiny, giving highlights to your enviable hourglass shape. It really plays a clever trick on the eyes.

Kate Winslet for example, is one of the early adopters, wearing a Stella McCartney's optical illusion dress last year.

Kate Winslet

Other Celebrities are:

Kate Moss

Yasmin Le Bon

Victoria Beckham

Rosie Huntington -Whiteley 

Kim Kardashian 

Sam Faiers


Some fans have also adopted this style

What are waiting for? Get your own dress in the style of Kate Moss, also designed by Stella McCartney from

Click Here to Order 

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Nutritional Supplements: An Essential To Life

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If we lived in a perfectly unpolluted world where we could eat plenty of fresh locally grown fruits, vegetables and grains, then we wouldn't need extra vitamins and minerals. But as we don't live on a desert island with pure water supply, fresh fruits and vegetables and little stress, then we need to give our bodies some extra protection. Also the Government's campaign encouraging everyone to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day has fallen mainly on deaf ears. A few people still do not comprehend that the human body is literally made of food molecules, which means our body is largely made up from what we've eaten during the last year.

To survive, the human body needs 50 factors; these are, 13 vitamins, 21 Minerals, 9 amino acids, 2 essential fatty acids plus carbohydrate, fibre, air, water and light. But since our body cannot manufacture most of these substances, we must take them in from external sources and that's through our diet and by taking the right supplements because if the body becomes deficient in nutrients, negative symptoms will eventually result. 

Did you know that the longer fresh food is stored and cooked, the more nutrients are lost. For example, if you leave an orange in a fridge for more than three days, up to 50% of the vitamin C content disappears. 

One thing we need to remember is that essential nutrients are essential to life. But since the food we now eat doesn't contain the kind of nutrients our body needs to survive considering the modern diet is less than perfect, we have to turn to nutritional supplements to help provide these nutrients. 

We all need to start eating food that is as unprocessed and unrefined as possible. Most of us are stocked in the kind of food we love to eat. But it's not too late to change. And as western doctors are now seeing plaque in the arteries of children as young as 10, change is imperative. 

Naturally grown organic food (without pesticides and additives), lots of fruits and vegetables, accompanied with the right supplements is the way forward. Some people however don't believe that supplements do work, but they do. There are now more than half a million clinical research papers showing that when nutritional supplements are taken in the right amount, they can, and do work.

PS: It is however important that you talk to your doctor if you have any question and before you start taking any kind of supplement. 

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Friday, 22 March 2013

Who Wore it Best? Kim Kardashian or Lily Aldridge?

Lily Aldridge stepped out in NewYork on Thursday wearing an exact outfit as Kim Kardashain did a few weeks ago.

The ladies opted for an identical print maxi tank dress by Givenchy which retails for $1,563.

While Kim, who is epecting her first child with boyfriend Kanye West looked every inch the perfect mum-to-be as she teamed the dress with a Valentino Leather Jacket and a black peep-toe boots, Lily however, gave the outfit a bit more flair carrying a black leather handbag and a matching fedora.

In your opinion, who wore it best?

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Need Styles To Dress Your Baby Bump? Check Out Rochelle Humes

By: Favour Ajayi
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The Saturday Star, Rochelle Humes has made maternity style look easy and elegant. The singer who is expecting her first child with husband and JLS Popstar Marvin Humes, dresses her baby bump in different beautiful styles.

Check out this photos:

Hope she's thinking of her own fashion line too. Maternity wear.

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