Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Wrong Attitude........

The popular "This is the 21th Century" saying use to be used for issues that involved technology but after kinda thinking about it, I think it's fair to say its been abused.

"I remember when Naija chicks use to cook like their mothers. Gone are those days. Now they drink and roll blunts like their fathers" - Basket Mouth. This was the tweet I saw that led me to writing this article.

Ladies these days (especially Nigerians) have totally taken the whole 21th century thingy to the next level. I mean come on, what's wrong with dating a guy who doesn't have a car or who doesn't own an iPhone or a blackberry Bold 5 and above. Well...nothing expect "This is the 21th century".

Many years ago, young ladies were exceptionally good with domestic stuffs. Hobbies use to include "cooking and tidying" but now it's "shopping and visiting the spa". Okay, so it's cool to wanna go shopping (I love shopping) but when dates includes regular shopping which will only be paid for by the guy who you aren't ready to do anything for....... Then that's greed.

Like seriously, what's wrong with looking after the guy you call "baby" when he is paying for the Christian Louboutin shoe you so much love, and the one you tell "Love you so much" when he drops you off in the house after a posh dinner. I think it's the least you can do.

During my Uni days, I use to cook for my boyfriend (well he is my ex now). Not just cooking,
I did all the things I thought I was responsible to do. The things that made him happy and made him treat me special resulting to him showering me with so much love and respect. To some of my friends, it was an absolute no no. But to me, there was nothing wrong with it. Then again, that's me......

Back to the reason I'm here, Guys have generally come to a conclusion that we girls are greedy, selfish and annoyingly materialistic. How can that accusation be proven wrong when some girls cannot be bothered about their boyfriend's source of income provided he provides anything they want. Some prefer to date rich and dishonest guys (emphasis on guys) rather than stick to one.

Why on earth would you expect a guy to pay for sex and then you get angry when he narrates the entire sex story to his friends over few bottles of beer in the bar or when he refers to you as a prostitute.... Dammit, he frecking paid for it. He's got every right to tell anyone how wonderful the product he purchased is. He's a happy customer so deal with it.

So to my ladies, please let's prove to these guys that we aren't a piece of shit. Enough of the I can't cook for you shit, there's nothing wrong with it. It doesn't make you a slave, it actually helps you get better in the kitchen. Let go of them sugar daddies, they'll never leave their wives for you (and if they do, your life is at stake cos its either the wife or daughter is wiling to take your last breathe at all cost). You don't need 7 of them (I mean guys) because you can't afford your bills, cut your coat according to your size. If you're not in the mood to have sex with him, then don't allow him pay for the hotel room, he'll probably get really upset and brutally rape you.

DON'T and I repeat DON'T give your body cheaply for a token of N10,000 or agree to a threesome for a stupid N70,000, there's nothing different from you and those who stand by the road side waiting to be picked up. It's not Runs, you be Ashewo.

If you don't love him then leave him. Don't waste his time and toil with his emotions because you wanna brag to your friends about him. If you're lucky enough to have a genuinely rich guy, good for you. Treat him right and don't expect him to be a source of gifts on all your Birthdays, his Birthdays, Valentine's day, Christmas Day, New year, Easter and even Independence Day.

And guys, please stop expecting sex simply because you took her out for dinner or paid for her shopping. You're not doing her a favour it's your RESPONSIBILTY to look after her as much as you can. Don't save the pictures of all the hot girls on your phone, insecurity can lead to dangerous things. If you're not ready for commitment when she is, please be straight with her before its too late because honestly, some of the girls acting like this are on a revenge mission. You want her to be nice and look after you, then do the same. One good turn deserves another, so you'll definitely reap what ever you sow (this is especially for those with sisters)

When a guy calls you cute, its cos he likes your face. When he calls you hot, he likes your body. When he calls you beautiful, he likes your heart. No be me talk am o, na Basket Mouth. Anyways, aim for the third one.

Hope you enjoyed it...


FA xxxxxx


Lanre said...

Nice article.. Let the girls know.

Anonymous said...

Nice one!x

star said...

Yeah,nyc piece.let d guyz know too (˘̯˘ )

mautin said...

I love dis article cos it make both side to know d truth nice work sis

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Good piece.....its a shame dat 80 percent of girls oiin our society are giulty of these.and most guys are not hoping to be responsible ur self..