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Her Style: Featuring - Grace Omotoyosi

By: Favour Ajayi
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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to "Her Style". This week's post features Bowen University Graduate and CEO Omoge Arewa HOF, Grace Omotoyosi. When asked to describe her style in 3 words she said, simple, simple, simple. What do you think? Scroll down to read the full interview and see more pictures. Don't forget to leave your comments.

Tell us about yourself

My names are Augustine Grace Omotoyosi. A graduate of Bowen University. CEO Omoge Arewa HOF an upcoming fashion house *smiles*. (You are free to patronize us anytime)  A fashion lover but not a freak. A simple and outgoing lady.

Do you consider yourself to be stylish, If yes, why?

Well yes I do. Cause I believe being stylish is being able to create something with fashion. Fashion is what you buy while style is what you do with it. So I believe I'm able to create a style for myself from what I have.

Who are your style icons?

Well I would say Jeanie Mai of "How Do I Look". Her style is simple and chick. Also I love Lanre Dasilva. Their style  is very simple and classy.

What is your favourite accessory?

Necklaces. I love having something on my neck. I almost can't do without a neck piece.

What can't you be caught wearing?

Errrrmmmm..... Pant and bra. Lool

What has been your most embarrassing fashion moment?

The first time I went to a club, my shoe broke right in front of the club. Had to manage myself in like that. Lol. Fine girl just ended like that... hahaha 

Describe your style in  3 words?

Simple! Simple!! Simple!!!

Which celebrity's wardrobe are you willing to steal and why?

Jeanie Mai. I love her style so much and raiding her wardrobe won't be a bad idea.

How long does it take you to get ready for a night out or any outing at all?

Well most times I always think about what to wear a night before going out the next day so, about 30 minutes but for impromptu outings.... Mehn hours o.

What's your favourite body part?

My lips

Who is your role model? 

My Mum and Kimora Lee Simon apart from the fact that she's being married I think twice or more. I like the fact that she's been able to combine being a mum, a mogul and a model. Now that's what I call love.  lool.

Do you have any fashion advice for our readers?

Well being stylish isn't about being so loud and having all the clothes in the world. I believe its all about being able to create a style with what you have. So don't put in too much efforts cause less is more.

What are your thoughts on Toyosi's Style? Love it or not? Leave your comments below. You can also follow her on twitter @mzhawty91 and for her HOF please follow @OmogearewaHOF for Instagram please follow omogearewa

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