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Her Style: Featuring - Merit Ajayi

By: Favour Ajayi
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Hello beautiful people,

Welcome to "Her Style". Today on Her Style we're featuring Accounting student and singer Merit Ajayi. What do you think of her style? Scroll down to read the full interview and see more pictures. Don't forget to leave your comments.

Tell us about yourself.

I'm Merit Ajayi. I'm Nigerian but currently studying Accounting in the University of Hertfordshire, UK. I'm 2nd in the family of 5. I love music, fashion and tall dark complexion guys. (Loool) But first and foremost I love and will always love God.

Do you consider yourself to be stylish, If yes, why?

Yes. I think I am.......  I get compliments every now and then. So its probably fair to say I am.

Who are your style icons?

Most probably Kim Kardashian. She's good at dressing her amazing figure nicely.

What is your favourite accessory?

Necklaces. Because they have a way to always make fashion statements.

What can't you be caught wearing?

This question is kinda difficult to answer. I'd say I can't be caught wearing a tattoo.

What has been your most embarrassing fashion moment?

OMG..... lol.... I remember there was this day I came out of the bathroom in church and went up to the stage to start singing. I didn't realize my zip was unfastened and my belt was undone. You can imagine the rest....

Describe your style in  3 words?

Smart, elegant  and classy

Which celebrity's wardrobe are you willing to steal and why?

Kim Kardashian and Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl Character)

How long does it take you to get ready for a night out or any outing at all?

Hmmmmm..... About 1hr 30mins

What's your favourite body part?

I guess the answer to that would be my Butts and maybe my boobs too

Who is your role model?

Michelle Obama. Because she has presented herself to be a strong woman but also humble and supportive to her husband.

Have you got any fashion advice for our readers?

Always remember you have to feel beautiful to look beautiful

What are your thoughts on Merit's Style? Love it or not? Leave your comments below. You can also follow her on twitter @t_merit and on Instagram meritajayi

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Deinma Kalio said...

Definitely love it!! <3 <3 <3

Deinma Kalio said...

Love her style! <3 <3