Monday, 26 August 2013

Lady Gaga's Wardrobe transformations During Her VMAs Performance

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One thing that has made Lady Gaga very successful is her ability to always deliver the unexpected. And when sometimes they can be very recommendable things, they can also raise a few eye brows like the "meat dress" she wore to the VMAs in 2010.

Her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards in New York City on Sunday night was very impressive and the singer even tried to bring back some of her collection of old looks in a performance art pieces.

Gaga opened the night with a performance of her latest single Applause with a nun look, as she wore an all-white ensemble which had her face tightly framed by a large white headdress. The singer then stood still while the dancers surrounded her and skilfully stripped her down to a black bodysuit and a blonde wig which they made happen within the blink of an eye. They also later added a blue jacket and skirt which they took after a couple of minutes.

Again with the help of her dancers' nifty hands, Gaga then lost the blonde wig and her face was suddenly painted in the same way it is on the Applause single cover, however a curly yellow wig was thrown onto her head as the lycra-clad dancers danced around the stage.

Finally, she literally ran off stage and returned after a much more complex change. This time, she wore a seashell bikini and giant blonde curly wig, probably the same one she has been pictured wearing all week.

The VMAs performance was Gaga's first stage appearance since her hip surgery. Overall, it was an amazing performance and in a sentence: "Lady Gaga Is Back".

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