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Miley Cyrus Strips to a Nude Bikini to perform Blurred Lines with Robin Thicke at MTV VMAs

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I'm pretty sure many of us including (or should I say especially) the stars who perform at the award shows are aware that these shows are supposed to be watched by families. But no.. they still all do whatever the hell it is they want to do. I have no problem with anybody trying to put on the best shows that they possibly can, but sometimes... you know, I don't think people actually put anyone into consideration when they are making choices for their performances. Obviously, some reasonable people do. Take Justin Timberlake for example.

On Sunday night at the VMAs, former Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus decided to WOW! her fans in a special way with her super raunchy performances and also managed to irritate some people as well. Genius don't you think, having the ability to have some people go crazy with joy while others go crazy with irritation just by being on stage for less than 6 minutes.

Maybe I should start from the very beginning. First of all, Miley arrived at the VMAs wearing a  black bejewelled two piece which showed off her toned stomach. She then took to the stage wearing a teddy bear inspired strapless one-piece with backing dancers wearing  teddy bears to sing We Can't Stop. That performance shocked quite a few people too including Rihanna and the One Direction boys who looked on as if they couldn't believe what they were watching.

Immediately after that she took the one-piece off revealing a nude bikini to perform Blurred Lines with her friend, Robin Thicke.

This was one hell of a performance which included her shaking her butt in Robin’s face and rubbing up against him.

The thing is, I'm not so sure if all the raunchy moves were supposed to cover up the fact that she didn't sing well or she just wanted to prove that she's a grown up now because Miley recently addressed all the attention she's been receiving for her provocative style and love of twerking, saying that it's just a natural part of her growth.

She said:

'It's called puberty. Everyone's done it from the beginning of time. I'm just doing it, so you're zooming in on it and you're fascinated by it.'

But just like I said, while some people like Ellie Goulding loved the performance and even sang along others like Brooklyn Decker and Jamie King weren't so keen with it. Well thank goodness I'm not the only one who thinks she was totally out of line as they took to twitter to share their thoughts.

Brooklyn wrote ‘I’m so uncomfortable’ while Jamie added ‘A certain mortification swells over me when I watch certain performers.

Even Mariah Carey's husband Nick Cannon couldn't stop himself from trashing Miley's performance which led to a decision that his beautiful kids won't go into showbiz. Hmmm....

Will Smith and his family were caught on the audience cam at the award show, staring in surprise at the onstage antics.

Check out a few other tweets below:

The only question left is, Where is this going?

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