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Beyoncé Appears Nude On The Cover Of Flaunt Magazine

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Flaunt Magazine revealed stunning pictures of Beyoncé in their latest issue. The pictures were taken back in 2011 as part of her Year of 4 album by photographer, Tony Duran. 

The 'Run The World' hitmaker, has obviously posed for racy pictures over the years like the spread she did for GQ last year, but this pictures appears to be most probably her raciest yet. Well with a body like that, who wouldn't show it off..... Check out the pictures below. 

Showing off her amazing figure, the star appears to be nude but covered in glitters on the cover. 

In another quite dramatic shot Mrs Cater gazed at the camera intensely with her hair and lips having almost similar colours. 

Wearing what seem to look like an very big hand accessory, the star wore her hair short and orange with purple paint smeared across her arms and neck in another picture.  

She was also pictured wearing an African-inspired beaded accessory around her neck in a black and white shot. 

My favourite snap...  The singer wore minimal make up giving her a natural look teamed with colourful necklaces and her hair large and voluminous over her shoulder. 

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