Thursday, 25 July 2013

Style Of The Day - 25-07-13

By: Favour Ajayi
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Hey Fashionistas,

Today, I was kinda confused and found it a little difficult to decide on what to wear to work. So after a very long deliberation, I finally decided on a Blue loose Crop Top, High-Waist Pencil Skirt,Gold Extra Large Round Hop Earringsa black tote and heels for work. Thanks to Vogue Today, I almost opted for Jeans. I can only wonder how uncomfortable I would have felt considering it was about 25 degree Celsius today. 

Anyways, I got lots of compliments but unfortunately, I was so busy I didn't have the time to take pictures. Anyways, as you can see, today's style is based almost entirely on how I styled myself today. 

Get the look below. I hope y'all like it. 

And by the way if you haven't downloaded Vogue Today on your iPhone, I think it's time you do. I love Vogue and considering I see them as the Fashion Dictionary, I don't see why I shouldn't follow all they say, well the ones that suits me obviously. :)
Vogue Today is like your own personal fashion assistant, it inspires you with your own style advice and tips inspiring your wardrobe choices everyday.  If you're ready, It's now available on iTunes.  You can download it here. Download Vogue Today

River Island crew neck t shirt
$7.68 -

Calf length skirt
$84 -

Tom Ford high heel boots

Tom Ford high heel boots

Amrita Singh taper earrings

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