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Her Style: Featuring - Coleen Aice

By: Favour Ajayi
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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to "Her Style". This week's post features model, fashion consultant and columnist Coleen Aice. Read the full interview below and let us know your thoughts on her style. Don't forget to leave your comments below. 

Please tell us about yourself.

I have an extreme flare for fashion,looking good,setting trends without forcefully trying to do so. I enjoy with full interest and passion of giving people a better idea of how best they can look on every fashion accessory they opt for, outfits that best flatters their shape/personality, pumps they slip into, right color that suits and accentuates different skin tones and so on. Fashion for me generally is fun. I am a model, student, fashion consultant and fashion column writer, currently based in Lagos, Nigeria. I am COLEEN AICE

Do you consider yourself to be stylish, If yes, why?

Yes, I confidently and strongly consider myself to be stylish. As we all know, "fashion can be bought", but if you are going to believe only one sentence I make today, it should be the fact that  "style can never be bought". Being stylish is a combination of vitality and glamour which entails not only a lady showing her fashionable colors through her fashion sense but with confidence and pride. I consider myself stylish because I always make an effort to put together a suitable and comfortable outfit because style takes effort. I care for my cloths, I forget size because I know "fit" is the king. I always opt for outfits that always works for me because I have it at the back of my mind that there are other cuts (even in trend) that would never in a thousand year work for me. I am stylish because I also understand accessories are everything and shoes are not just an accessory, I steal the best looks that screams 'style' from my fashion icons, runways, movies and so on. I shop a lot, change my looks , think of how new fashion idea and most importantly, i take some fashion risk ......errrrrm, there was this party my friends and i were invited for and I knew almost every girl invited for that party would definitely opt for the LBDs' , colorful above the knee gowns, shorts and so on and i always like to try something different, unexpected, fashionable, fun and funky. So Coleen Aice showed up in a black leather jergings tucked in an above the foot snickers and a white short edgy blouse .(Giggles) fashion for me is fun.

Who are your style icon(s)?

Wow, style icons you mean? (Laughs) definitely Victoria Beckham, everybody's favorite bad girl Rihanna for her  amazing ideas and confidence of always creating her own trend and style and Kim Kardashian. This is really a tough one .I'm sorry I went for three.

What is your favorite accessory?

Shoes. I love shoes

What can't you be caught wearing?

Colorful eyelashes, except if they are needed in any of ma shoots.

What has been your most embarrassing fashion moment?

Don't think I have any. Hmmmm okay, my most embarrassing fashion moment should be three years ago back during my first year in school, it was an award night and my name was announced to be the best dressed female in my faculty. I wasn't expecting it, I was really shy and all shaky. So on my way to receive to receive the award, I was playing with my earrings to gather courage and ooops!, one of them fell down and everybody saw this. It was so embarrassing. I didn't know what to do! The thoughts of leaving it or letting go consumed my mind because everybody wanted to see my reaction (laughs) but luckily for me, the host picked it for me and I left as fast as my legs allowed me back to my seat.

Describe your style in  3 words?

Hmmmmmmm Sweetheart , the truth is I cannot simply describe my style in three words because my style actually depends on my mood. I can choose to be a little edgy, classy, simple, too extreme, eccentric, all girlie , sleek and so on! It all depends on my mood.

Which celebrity's wardrobe are you willing to steal and why?

Goodness, you had to ask ? Victoria Beckham anytime any day! Because her style is second to none and this makes me really envious, she touches every aspect of fashion! so why not have a wardrobe that has everything you want!! You know what I mean ......(Scoffs)

How long does it take you to get ready for a night out or any outing at all?

It actually depends on the outing. But generally, I would say twenty-nine minutes but vow might not agree with me on this one (giggles)

What's your favorite body part?

My legs anytime any day baby

Who is your role model? 

Its not something I need to ponder about, that would definitely be my mother. I literally admire every thing about her.

What advice do you have for our readers? 

12. Hmmmmmm...Well, it would be good for them to understand that fashion is confidence,charisma and comfort. Don't get that shoe, dress,sun shades or whatever that looks good on your friend or because a nail polish or even any other fashion accessory is trending, you want to use it even when you know clearly that it doesn't suit you. Also for the ladies, when you give your inner style queen a little bit of room to breath, you will find she is alive, kicking and has lots to say for herself. Also knowing your skin tone when it comes to fashion does the magic. As I would always say "fashion evolves everyday, fashion means different things to different people. Be that one person that gives fashion a universal definition". COLEEN AICE

What are your thoughts on Coleen's Style? Love it or not?  Leave your comments below. You can also follow her on twitter @BrownSkinndGurl,on Instagram coleenaice and Keek brownskinndgurl.
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