Monday, 25 March 2013

Nutritional Supplements: An Essential To Life

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If we lived in a perfectly unpolluted world where we could eat plenty of fresh locally grown fruits, vegetables and grains, then we wouldn't need extra vitamins and minerals. But as we don't live on a desert island with pure water supply, fresh fruits and vegetables and little stress, then we need to give our bodies some extra protection. Also the Government's campaign encouraging everyone to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day has fallen mainly on deaf ears. A few people still do not comprehend that the human body is literally made of food molecules, which means our body is largely made up from what we've eaten during the last year.

To survive, the human body needs 50 factors; these are, 13 vitamins, 21 Minerals, 9 amino acids, 2 essential fatty acids plus carbohydrate, fibre, air, water and light. But since our body cannot manufacture most of these substances, we must take them in from external sources and that's through our diet and by taking the right supplements because if the body becomes deficient in nutrients, negative symptoms will eventually result. 

Did you know that the longer fresh food is stored and cooked, the more nutrients are lost. For example, if you leave an orange in a fridge for more than three days, up to 50% of the vitamin C content disappears. 

One thing we need to remember is that essential nutrients are essential to life. But since the food we now eat doesn't contain the kind of nutrients our body needs to survive considering the modern diet is less than perfect, we have to turn to nutritional supplements to help provide these nutrients. 

We all need to start eating food that is as unprocessed and unrefined as possible. Most of us are stocked in the kind of food we love to eat. But it's not too late to change. And as western doctors are now seeing plaque in the arteries of children as young as 10, change is imperative. 

Naturally grown organic food (without pesticides and additives), lots of fruits and vegetables, accompanied with the right supplements is the way forward. Some people however don't believe that supplements do work, but they do. There are now more than half a million clinical research papers showing that when nutritional supplements are taken in the right amount, they can, and do work.

PS: It is however important that you talk to your doctor if you have any question and before you start taking any kind of supplement. 

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