Monday, 18 March 2013

Queen B! Debuts New Track: Bow Down/ I Been On

After 185 awards which includes 17 Grammy awards, 7 Billboard awards, 9 BET awards, 12 VMS awards, a super amazing performance at the Super Bowl, a constant duty as Blue Ivy's mum and a wife to the rap mogul, Jay-Z, one would think that Beyoncé wouldn't need to remind us that she's the Queen, well apparently not.

The Popstar uploaded a new track Bow Down / I Been On on her website yesterday which she accompanied with a picture of herself as a child with a room full of trophies behind her.

The new track which addresses her absence from the music industry and asserts her authority as Queen Bee of the charts, is actually sections from two different songs. Bow Down is said to have been produced by Hit-Boy and Beyoncé is said to have worked with Timbaland on I Been On.

Click here to listen to the track Bow Down / I Been On

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