Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Can you dare to go make-up free? When would you let your new boyfriend see you without make-up?

Whether it's a full face of foundation or a slick of lip gloss, it's no secret that most women need a little helping hand when it comes to looking their best, especially when impressing on a first date.

But it seems that women are so insecure without their war paint that a staggering 80 per cent wait at least an entire month before letting a new lover see them without make-up, according to the latest survey.

And it seems that women will go to extreme lengths to impress with more than a third of women deliberately getting up before their new boyfriend to secretly apply make-up before he wakes up because they do not dare to go bare in the first flushes of love.
A further 60 per cent of women use a simple trick and don't even take their make-up off when they sleep with a new beau.

The latest findings prove how women are extremely reluctant to let a new man see them without make-up until they have really got to know them.
Almost one in five (17 per cent) wait as long as two months, 16 per cent wait three to six months, 8 per cent keep up the flawless face facade for a whole year and 3 per cent never, ever let their man see them without their slap.

The survey also revealed that 20 per cent of women sneak off to touch up their make-up on the first night they had slept with a new lover.
Almost one in five said they had used the same trick in the first six months of a new relationship.

When asked why they wouldn’t want a man to see them without make-up, the majority (58 per cent) said they just look better with their slap on, 28 per cent said they wouldn’t feel as confident, 12 per cent said they won’t be desired as much and 2 per cent went as far to say that their man might end the relationship.

Over three-quarters of women feel that society expects women to wear make-up and 68 per cent of women feel ‘naked’ without their slap.
Just 27 per cent would be happy to go to work without make-up and almost a third of women insist upon wearing make-up to the gym.
A quarter of women refuse to even go to their local shop without first putting on their slap and just 5 per cent of women would go on a date without make-up.

Women are happier to go make-up free around female friends rather than their male friends with just over a third of women admitting they wouldn’t be happy to go make-up free around male friends, while only 10 per cent felt the same in female company.

CEO of semi-permanent make-up company Debra Robson LDN, who carried out the study, said: 'I’m not surprised so few women dare to go bare when they have met a new man.'Make-up makes you feel sexier and more confident. I love the idea us girls waking up early to secretly put on make-up to keep up appearances from the previous night.
'We all want to look our best in the early throws of romance and women feel they look a lot better and more desirable with make-up.'

Are you waiting (desperately) to see you girlfriend without her make up on? I suggest you give her a little more time to come around. And if you know that having that make up on is what gives her confidence, then maybe you have to talk to her. Help her realize how beautiful she looks or will look whether she has make up on or not. One way of doing that is to probably do something she wouldn't ever expect you'll do.

And ladies guess what? There was a time in your life you didn't need to wear any form of make up to look beautiful. (Well at least at that time you didn't have the resources). All I'm trying to say is, it might do you a great deal to try to stay off the make up a little bit. You've got to trust your natural beauty once in a while, (Especially if you think your confidence is in applying make up). Because trust me, You're beautiful just the way you are.

By: Bianca London
Mail Online

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